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At Eternal Harvest Decror, I try provide users of all backgrounds with reliable online information and tutorials. My goal is to make sure that your experience with my DIY Tutorials is rewarding, fun, and helpful. I normally offer this information for free. Recently have I have been approached by a few kind souls asking how the can support my business!  To that end, I created this donate (or support button rather) where you can donate to my page.  This helps me to continue to provide plans and tutorials to the things I make! I set out to create this website to provide a service to my fellow makers and doers! I love you! I want to help, but when you offer to donate and give back it truly makes a difference. Each plan takes hours (sometimes days) to compile and all the videos take shooting, writing, editing etc to be able to provide this service so anything you give is SO APPRECIATED!


Thank you from the bottom of my heart for checking out my blog, my page, watching my videos! If you cant donate THATS TOTALLY FINE - you can still help by clicking the follow button on my Youtube channel, Instagram and Tiktok, liking my posts, saving and sharing! That goes a LONG way! Thanks again and I hope you stick aground.

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