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Hi, I'm Brandi! I'm a woodworking mom of 3 and absolutely love anything woodworking or design focused! Lets build something! 

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Woodworker and her blog

Hi there, I'm Brandi! I am a mom of 3 who found woodworking a few years ago. I have a doctoral degree in Educational Psychology.  I was a mental health therapist for close to 10 years.  My practice focused mostly on anxiety, depression and addiction.  The three often co-occur together and I was interested in their relationship. I also wanted to help those suffering from anxiety and depression.  I was very focused on my work and began to miss my family and my children. Psychology will always be my passion but my husband and I felt it was time for me to focus more on my family and our 3 children. 

I referred my clients and came home to be with our 3 children. We home school as well and it was time for us to really focus on their education as well. This is where I found woodworking! I wanted to decorate certain parts of the house and now, since I wasn't working we didn't have the budget for things like that.  I decided I would try and make an entry table myself!  I looked up some plans and got to work.  Since this was my first real furniture build, and I knew nothing about measurements really, I built it WAY too huge for our entry. So, I put it up for sale locally and it sold extremely fast.  This same customer asked for a few other things and they shared my name with others.  Then things snowballed into a real (accidental) business! Its been an amazing journey and I am excited to see what the next year brings!   LETS BUILD SOMETHING!!