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GUYS THIS TABLE! I am completely in love with this table I donated to our latest Brightness Build family. It was designed to have a Boho feel and I think we nailed it.

This project is so special and dear to my heart! It was for such a special project and I am so thankful to have been a part of it! This table is one of the most simple builds. The hardest part is the top and I have a video all about that if you need guidance there. I made the top out of Ash hardwood but you could also use doug fir if you wanted.

I made a video that shows each step of the process to this build to help you with the process a bit. You can find that here

I also put together a printable plan for you to take with you to the lumber yard and have with you as you build. That is at the bottom of this post and is completely free.

What materials do I need?


5 2x4x8's

2 2x3x8's

2 1/12 Kreg Screws -

2 1/2" power pro screws

Titebond Wood glue -

Lumber for the top

(I used ash but you could use 2x8's for the top

What tools do I need?


Miter saw -

Pocket holer -

Drill and Driver -

Sander - I have a Mirka Deros - but I love the bosch too

Planer (optional) -

Jointer for the top (optional as well) -

I have videos on both the jointer and planer on my IGTV right now for beginners.

Step one

Start by cutting 4 2x4's to 28.5" with a 10 degree bevel. The cuts are parallel so going the same direction.

Step two

Cut 2 2x4's at 31.5" for the cross pieces. These will also have a 10 degree bevel but it will NOT be parallel. They are opposite to fit between each leg.Then pocket hole the ends on the bottom with two holes.

Step Three

Next cut the top piece at 34" no bevels just a straight edge. This will secure directly to the legs with a 2 1/2 inch wood screw. I used glue and

power pro screws.

Step four

Next cut 2 -2x3's and 1- 2x4 at 61" long and pocket hole both ends. Then attach the 2x3's to the top ends with the pocket holes facing up and the 2x4 to the bottom cross piece in the middle facing down.

Step Five

Last attach the other leg to the opposite end of the table. Thats it! The most simple base in the world right?!

Now, after you let the glue dry you can begin on the top of the table. This video and instruction does not cover the top of the table. If you want to know my process to making table tops make sure to check that video out on my youtube channel.

boho table build
Download • 472KB

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