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DIY Octagon Feature Wall

Here are the plans and further info for the Black Octagon wall - you can find the full tutorial on my Youtube Channel here -

HEY ALL! This wall is my absolute new FAVORITE!! I've never done a black wall but I'm finding its a bit addicting and I am now looking for other places I can add it to my decor!

Make sure you watch the whole video- I will be showing you TWO methods to cutting the squares. The first is a bit more time consuming but makes sense and the second I figured out (with the help of friend) is so much faster so watch for that later in the video!

I loved this process it was so fun, im super happy with the result.


20 - 1x2x8 furring strips - I did plane this down you can also just cut off the rounded edge with a table saw. Just be sure that you end up with pieces that are the same width.

Nails -

Wood filler:

Bulls Eye Primer -

Black paint - Sherwin Williams Black Magic

DAP Spackle -


Miter saw - I have this one:

Dewalt 18 guage nailer -

Paint Scraper -

Sanding block-

4” roller -

Cut in Brush -


Madgid glasses -

RZ mask -

ISOtunes ear protection -

EH MERCH - Pocket Tees etc

That’s it! Thanks for watching – don’t forget to like and SUBSCRIBE It makes my day and helps me keep doing these videos. THANKS SO MUCH FOR WATCHING!



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All the links above are affiliate links and I get a small bit of compensation for each purchase which I use to help me to keep making fun videos like this. Thanks for helping me out!

This is a quick sketch to determine how many diamonds I would need for my wall - my wall is 9ft tall and 6 ft wide and a 3 foot wrap around.

Each Diamond is 24" from point to point.

Here are the cut dimensions for each diamond! Thanks for stoppin by.

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