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How To Build a LARGE Barndoor with Glass!

I wanted to show you how I made this 3 panel LARGE barndoor with glass!

I have made barn doors with glass before and they have worked great (video in my barn door series) but this client wanted hard wood and I wanted to make one that would be easy to replace the glass if it broke. So this is what we came up with.

You can find measurements and plans below

Not all spaces are the same and not all doorways are the same so be sure to measure your space and then order you glass to fit YOUR door. Don't let this project fool you, its really quite simple once you have the plans.

I have a quick tutorial video and I will list everything you need below!

Thanks so much for checking it out and leave me comment if you like the door!! I love to hear your thoughts!


Shop boots by Carolina

Madgid glasses -

ISOtunes ear protection -



I used Ash lumber 6/4 from Macbeaths near me. You can find hardwoods at your local lumber yard or you can use 2x6’s from you local hardware store. Just be sure they are dry and as straight as possible.

Glue -Titebond for frame -

Titebond for plugs -

Silicone for glass -


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