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Nightstand w/ CPAP Cubby

Updated: Dec 15, 2023

Really! It's a secret cubby and can hold lots of snacks too!

Make sure to check out my Youtube tutorial here!

This has been an idea in my head for almost a year. I finally got to the creation of this nightstand when I started the makeover of the primary bedroom in our home! My husband has had a CPAP machine for years and I had the idea to find a way to hide it in a cubby that allowed the tubes to come out the back. This design allows for air circulation as the top slides open when the CPAP is in use and all then closes up during the day when it's not in use.


Quick Links

Black 10” drawer pulls


MATERIALS: 4- 2x2x36 poplar pieces

1- 4x8 sheet 1/2" maple plywood (I normally have the hardware store rip this panel down to 24" strips).

2 -1x2x36" poplar pieces

2 - 1x3x36" poplar pieces

2- 1x6x8 common board

1- 1x8x6 common board

1- 1x3x4 common board

1-1x4x8 common board

1 -1/8" 2x4 luan plywood

1- 1x1x8 trim piece

1-.5"x6x2 poplar piece

1-.5"x8x2 poplar piece

3- .5x2x36" poplar piece

1 2ftx4ft project panel for the top (or plywood)

1" wood screw I like to use power pro

Wood Glue

Box 1 1/4" pocket hole screws -

Box 1" pocket hole screws -

6 -18" drawer slides - link above


Gorilla Wood glue -

Or Titebond


Shop boots by BRUNT BOOTS

ISOtunes ear protection -

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Download • 4.05MB

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Love this, will definitely be building 2 of these, as my wife and I both have CPAP machines


Dave Rettenmeier
Dave Rettenmeier
Feb 24, 2022

What a brilliant idea! Beautiful design & functional

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