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I finally finished making plans for the base of my MODERN FARMHOUSE TABLE and I named it after my customer who ordered and inspired the design. This is PART 1 - I will be doing a second video soon on how I glue up my tops so this is all about the base!

I'll start off by giving you a link to a quick video I created on the process and my list of materials and tools!

Materials for base

4 2x4x8’s Doug fir

2 4x4x8’s Doug fir

1 1x4x8” pine

32 half inch stakes for the trim - 1.5”x .5” x 36” I used stakes like this and planed them down. You could just go for straight trim milled and ready to use. I know Lowes carries a lot of trim as well.

Optional .5” x .5”x8” trim to wrap each leg for decorative purposes

Stain Minwax Golden Oak


I use a 10” Delta Cruzer sliding compound miter in this video linked here

Dewalt table saw -


Kreg scews 2 1/2"

Micro jig (to help with cutting small thin pieces on a table saw) is a must for this project if you decide to make your own trim -

Ryobi Pin Nailer

Dewalt 18g finish nailer (ONE OF MY FAVORITE TOOLS)

Measuring tape -


Madgid glasses -

ISOtunes ear protection -


CUT LIST for frame

4 4x4's cut to 29" long

2 2x4's cut to 31" long

2 2x4's cut to 73" long

Now onto the plans, I am not good enough to include printable plans yet (I'm working on it) for now what you get is clips of my sketch up process!

First off you want to start with your 4x4's and 2x4's cut for the base structure.


Then use a Kreg Jig like this - to make pocket holes in the 2x4's at each end on the inside to attach them to the 4x4 legs. Then you will use titebond glue (Link above) on the ends of the 2x4's to attach them to the 4x4's with 2 1/2" kreg screws.

Once the basic frame is assembled you will want to measure between the two longer sides and add some cross 2x4's. I do this later to ensure the measurements are accurate.


Then I give it 24 hours to cure.

The next day you can start the trim work. I gram my 1x4 and cut a 45 degree cut on the edge with the miter saw. Then take that over to your post and measure to cut another 45 degree angle NOT parallel. Repeat this all the way around all four sides of each post.


Next, mark the center of your post and use a table saw to cut 16 stakes length wise to 1" thick. This is pretty dangerous to do without a micro jig -

so if you don't feel comfortable just .5"x1"x8 ft trim at Lowes.

Then you will need to cut them to the correct height to sit on top of the 1x4 and go to the top of the 4x4 about 26"

You will then glue and pin nail the 1" pieces to 2 sides of the post (opposite sides) and then attach the 1.5" pieces on the remaining sides to overlap the 1" pieces on the sides, like this.


Once those are all attached its time to cut 36 1.5'x1.5' squares to go at the top, middle and bottom of the game and finish creating the design. To attach these I made a guide block from my 1.5" scrap pieces at 6.5" long. Then I attach the top block first with a pin and glue, then insert the 6.5" block and attach the 1.5" at the bottom of that with a pin and glue. The video above should show this in more detail.

Lastly, you attach all the bottom squares around the bottom of each post.


Then you stain and seal. Thats it! I used Minwax Golden Oak stain mixed with a bit of Varethane American Walnut, just play around with your finishes and find what you love. All the links for those, gloves and stain pads are above.

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