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Types of Pools

Have you heard? We are installing our own pool. We started last year, but once the snow came we had to put a pause on the process. We have finally started again. What type of pool did we chose? There are 3 main types of in-ground pools that you can install a gunite pool, fiberglass and vinyl. A Gunite pool is a pool that uses a rebar framework which is then sprayed over with a concrete and sand mixture. A fiberglass pool is a pre-engineered mold that is ready to just be dropped down into a hole and installed. A vinyl pool is created by putting a metal frame around the border of your hole, then laying concrete on the bottom surface. Once the layer of concrete is set you lay down the custom vinyl lining.

A Vinyl pool is the type of pool we chose. A vinyl pool made the most sense for what we wanted to accomplish with our budget and priorities. It was the most affordable way to have a customized pool. We were able to really customize where we wanted stairs to go, to have a tanning ledge, etc.

Here are some pros and cons of each type of pool.....

We purchased our vinyl kit through Royal Swimming Pools we went with a 16 by 32 rectangle. Follow along this spring as we finish the process.

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