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Air Conditioning Privacy Screen

Air Conditioning units are not very pretty to look at so I wanted to create a screen to hide mine. I will eventually extend it to hide all the pool equipment as well. I found these cool PVC panels and knew they would be perfect for this project. They should withstand the weather really well and allow for good ventilation for the air conditioner. I also grabbed some 4 x 4 and 2 x 2 pieces made out of red wood for the frame.

I cut everything down to size. I added a few pocket holes to the cross pieces and used outdoor screws. I also decided to route out a groove for the panel to sit inside. Now to assemble I used DAP glue to the bottom piece and then screwed it into place with the groove facing up. I sandwiched the panel in between with the top piece and also added cleats to create a more finished look. I didn't glue the top piece in the case I need to go back and remove the panel. To ensure the AC unit still had enough room to ventilate there is a foot of space between the unit and the fence and a lot of holes for air to still flow. You don't want to install a privacy screen too close or without holes for ventilation because it will restrict airflow to the unit, making the unit work harder to keep the house cool.

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Daniel Wickham
Daniel Wickham
6 days ago

By shielding your AC unit with a privacy screen, you not only improve its appearance but also potentially extend its lifespan. The screen provides a barrier against the elements, reducing wear and tear. For best results, opt for HVAC Contractor Palm Beach company a screen with weather-resistant finishes and materials.

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