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DIY Dresser Build

I made my own dresser!! I was struggling to find a dresser that would fit everything we needed to fit and was within our budget so I decided to just build one myself.

I started by using pocket holes and 2 x 2 to create the two side panels. I then created cross pieces to connect the two side panels together to make the frame. I added a little shelf underneath the top that will be a secret drawer at the end. I then stained the entire thing with a custom stain. Using Miniwax in Rustic Beige and Varathane in Summer Oak using 2 to 1 ratio ( Oak to Rustic) . For the the drawer boxes I decided to mount the drawer slides to the bottom of the plywood boxes. I then attached the drawer pulls to finish it off. I am so happy with how it turned out.

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2 Kommentare

Kevin Kaurin
Kevin Kaurin
26. Aug. 2023

Brandi, the draw slides you linked are 'side mount'. They work okay bottom mounted?


Gefällt mir

Heidi Hardy
Heidi Hardy
24. Aug. 2023

Do you have the plans for this?

Gefällt mir
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