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Beginner Modern Barndoor


I made a very similar barn door for a client a few weeks before this door! I had leftover shiplap and needed a door for this space in my daughters room. We did a full closet makeover in her room and needed a more space saving option in there. This modern barndoor was created! I made a video showing the process here:

One thing to note is that this door can be finished on the back by using a good primer (linked below) and paint! Otherwise if it is going on a closet you can leave it unfinished like I did!


3 1x6x8 Primed pine or Poplar pieces

3 1x2x8 Primed Pine or Poplar pieces

8 1x6x8 primed shiplap pieces (If you can find ones primed on both sides thats great, otherwise you will have to prime the back several times if you want them finished on both sides).


Gorilla Wood glue -

1.25" brad nails -

1 ½ Kreg screws


Spyder bit for installation of hardware

Spyder drill bits

Miter saw -

Pocket holer -

Drill and Driver -

Sander -

Brad nailer -


Shop boots by Carolina

Madgid glasses -

RZ mask -

ISOtunes ear protection -

Thank you so much for watching and I hope you find this helpful! Please check out my other socials and dont forget to like and sub for more free tutorials!!


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All the links above are affiliate links and I get a small bit of compensation for each purchase which I use to help me to keep making fun videos like this. Thanks for helping me out!

modern barndoor
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