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DIY $15 Tablet Charging Station

In this video I will show you how I made a charging station for my kids Ipads! Its a super fast process and it cost me less then $15!


My kids tablets and chargers were taking over our lives! I love that my kids have technology to help them learn and give them information. However, there are parts of this technology that seriously drive me crazy. Seriously, haha. The cords all laying around in different spots in the house were one of those things. My husband and I decided that it was time to take control for the situation. We wanted a spot in the house where the kids check in/put their Ipads at allowed times and that also would hide the cords and organize the chaos a bit.

Materials needed to build:

You will need one project board -

-I found mine at Lowes - 3/4"x 12"x 4ft long

- 4-6 5/8" square molding pieces

-Glue - I use Titebond glue

-Nail gun (optional) 3/4 inch nials

-Your choice of stain/paint -

I used:

Minwax Special Walnut -

Rustoleum Classic Grey -

Polycrilic -

I also used this plug in the back which had just the right amount of usb spots and a few extra plugs just in case!

Start by taking your 12"x 4ft project board and determining the width of the shelves (your tablet width). My kids have Ipads and they are about 8" wide and about 11"long. So I cut my shelves at 11.5" wide. I then had 3 shelves at 11.5"x!2".

Then with the reaming piece cut your top shelf slightly bigger then your shelves. I cut mine to 12"x12" square.

Next, take the 5/8th inch pieces and cut them into strips 4-4.5" long. These are the tetris pieces that hold the shelves. You will need 12 4" strips per shelf. Once they are cut you can start to play with the design a bit and mark your spacing.

I really didn't measure the spacing between, just found what I liked in a pattern and went with that. You could measure this spacing and mark accordingly if this is your preference.

Next, take your trays and 4" pieces to a warm dry space and stain. I use any old cloth I have lying around in the shop. But you could use an inexpensive foam brush, or clean cloth to apply stain. I used a Minwax Special walnut and covered with stain and then wiped clean to have it dry. I propped the large shelves up on the tetris pieces to dry for about 24 hours before I began the glue and clamp process. I did add a bit of Minwax classic grey because I wanted to change the color a bit after the special walnut dried.

Next is the glue process. I used Titebond I glue because its faster setting. I have a nail gun and used that to tack the pieces in place after gluing. If you use just a pea size bit of glue and spread it on the small tetris piece and put it where you want it, then you can also clamp in place for a bit after all the pieces are in place. If you use clamps, be very careful that nothing shifts before you glue all three places in place and let dry.

Lastly, brush on a little sealer to the top sides and fronts of the shelves. I used a Minwax, polycrilic and it dries super fast. That's it! You just need to thread the cords through the back and put your tablets in their spot!

Thank you so much for reading and if you liked this, please follow me on Youtube, and Instagram to see project process pics! Enjoy!

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