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DIY Doughbowl Candles

Easy DIY Doughbowl Candle so fun to do with kids! Great Summer activity.

OK This process is so easy!! It took all of an hour to make and so fun to do with kiddos or if you just need an easy relaxing DIY This is it!

We are making these as a fundraiser for my cutie to go to a church camp this summer.



I found mine at TJ MAXX but these are super close. OR You can make your own like I did here

also found this at HOBBY LOBBY

Wicks and Glue Dot-

Double Boiler-

We just used and old glass measuring cup in a pot with water.


These steps are for 1 small Candle -

First step is to take 3/4 cup soy wax and place in your double boiler. Put it on the stove to melt over med heat.

While that is heating - stick the glue dots to the bottom of your bowl and attach the wicks.

Once the wax is melted add your scent and stir. Then pull the pot out of the water and wipe the bottom of your double boiler (its hot careful) then pour into your bowl.

Then just set it in a cool place where it wont be disturbed while it cools! Trim your wick before using and don't let the flame burn down too close to the wood before replenishing and making a new candle. You don't want that wood to burn.

Its beautiful and smells so so good!

I have a video tutorial on my IG page here.

Thanks so much for stopping by and for reading this far. Feel free to share and come say hi on my other socials!! I would love to repost your creations too!

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