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DIY Twin Day Bed

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

This project was super exciting for both me and my daughter! She has been designing this bed for a long time and decided she wanted something with a Boho twist but also simple and relaxing. She wanted something she use as a lounge space during the day, thus this beautiful day bed was created.

** Scroll to end for printable plans


7 2x3x8's

2 1x2x8's

24 1x2x24" wooden landscape stakes like these -

Garden stakes

.5x.5x8 ft trim

2 Kreg Screws -

2 1/2" power pro screws -

Gorilla Wood glue -

Or Titebond

1 sheet of .75 plywood

1.25" brad nails -


Drill and Driver -


Shop boots by Carolina

Madgid glasses -

ISOtunes ear protection -

Step 1

Start by cutting 4 2x3's to 28.75". Just straight cuts. You can run them through a planer or sand at this point to help with the smoothness for later

Step 2

Cut 3 2x3's at 78" for the cross pieces.Then pocket hole the end, they will attach to the legs so you want the pocket holes on the back sides of the cross pieces.

Step 3

Next cut the the front to back pieces. 4 2x3's at 39" they will attach to the front and back legs with pocket holes on the bottom side.

Step 4

Attach arm pieces to the legs. These will be your two sides.

Attach the bottom 2x3 10" from the bottom on the legs and the top flush with the top of the legs. Glue and screw those together

Step 5

Attach the sides to the the back cross pieces (78" pieces) with pocket wholes on the back. The bottom rail should line up with the side rail. Because this piece is attached vertically it attaches 7.5" from the ground.

Step 6

Then attach the front rail to match the side rails of the arms and cut 3 2x3's to put between the front and back bottom rails to hold the plywood. Attach these ever 18" and put them .75" down from the top of the rails to allow for the plywood to sit down flush with the rails.

Then cut 4 1x2's to 39" to attach to the inside of the bottom/top rails on the arms.

Step 7

Attach all 1x2s to the inside of the rails with brad nails as shown in the pic (highlighted in yellow) this will allow 1.5" on the outside edge for the slats to attach.

Step 8

Attach all .5" trim to the back rail pieces flush with the front of each rail (highlighted in yellow) to leave room for the slats on the back and sides of the bed

Step 9

Cut garden stakes to 18 5/8" and sand for the back and side slats. You will need 18-24 depending on spacing. We attached these every 6" and attached with brad nails and glue.

Step 10

Attach sanded slats all the way around the bed evenly spaced, your spacing can totally change to be whatever fits your design plan.

Step 11

Stain paint or seal your desired color.

Final bed dimensions are 83" wide, 42"deep and 29.75" tall.

Bedding and decor links!

Geometric tuft duvet -

Macrame throw -

Download PDF • 7.98MB

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