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Easy Modern Walnut Entry Table

I set out to make an easy modern looking entry table that could be built with minimal tools and still on my balcony, cuz I'm crazy! This turned out to be the most beautiful and easy process! I am going to attempt to get you measurements and the process. ALL CLICKABLE LINKS AT THE BOTTOM.

First off I decided to use pre-milled (flattened and straight ready to use) which is a bit more pricey but saves on so much work! It is also the way to go when you don't have a lot of tools or you have a small work space.



Miter Saw

Kreg Jig - I used the K4


Circular Saw

Pin Nailer



STARBOND CA Glue to fill knots in the top

I get the black medium with the accelerator and if you use BRANDI10 you will get 10% off!


  • 4 2x2 cut to 34.5"

  • 1 2x2 cut to 36"

  • 4 1x2 cut to 11"

  • 2 1x2 cut to 36"

  • 1x4 cut to the exact width between the two tops (should be 36") but it may change so measure first and then cut

  • 2 2x2 cut at the correct angle for the upside down V measurements will vary.


Once you have all the base pieces cut and the cross pieces pocket holed, you can move on to assembling the legs.

I start by attaching the 11" cross pieces to the legs with kreg screws and glue.

Next you can connect the two legs by adding the 36" front cross pieces.

Attach these in the same way with glues and screws.

Next you will need to cut and screw in the 1x4 across the middle to support the top.

This piece may vary as well so please measure before you cut as demonstrated in the video.

Next the upside down V pieces will be cut and attached. You will hold the 2x2 at the angle you like and mark where and the angle that will be cut with a pencil while holding it in place. This will ensure you have the correct angle if any other measurements are changed.

Then allow glue to dry over night and spray black the next day. When that is dry you can move onto the herringbone top.

I used left over walnut flooring that a friend had. It was tongue and groove, unfinished, and FREAKING GORGEOUS. Similar to something like this

You could search around your area to see if there is anything local that would match. You can also use laminate and vinyl as long as you cover up the edges with molding.

For the assembly of the herringbone top I am going to refer you to the video on Youtube so you can view the process.

To see the video click HERE

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Nov 02, 2020

Nice Aaron! Thanks for stopping by!!


Aaron Starkey
Aaron Starkey
Nov 01, 2020

Awesome! Thanks for posting this. My wife has been bugging me to make a new table. This is perfect! We need one a little bit longer, so I may play around with it. Absolutely cool!

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