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Girls Bedroom Makeover

Its been a year since we moved into this home and this little 7 year old has been patiently waiting for me to get to her space.

She had a vision on how she wanted it to look and though I dont think I nailed her vision, I do think I created something close and she loves it enough to make her bed everyday. Thats a win for sure!

I wanted to link some of the things I used in her room in case you were lookin

g to get something similar.

I went with a premade bed from Ikea because, well time and money. This bed also had storage underneath which helped a ton because this little one is a pack rat. She has so many trinkets she loves and has a memory with every little box and toy.

Bed and bedding

The Duvet and comforter are so comfy!

She wanted twinkle lights and a swinging chair

Lastly are the curtains and pillows

Curtains are from walmart and they are black out.

Thanks for stopping by! Hopefully this was helpful for you! If you scroll through the slides below you will see the before and the afters. We love how it came out!

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