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Painting a Chalk/Inspiration Wall

I put this chalk wall in my front room and I love the impact! This is a supers simple project that can act as a command center or motivation wall etc.

Its no secret that I love LOVE chalkboard paint ha! I have used it in numerous projects around my house. Its so versatile and such a fun element to add to a space.

This is a project that takes less then $25 and a few hours! It has created such a great space for my family!

It acts as a command center where we put our calendar and homework. It also acts as space for me to write motivational and seasonal quotes for the whole family to see and ponder throughout the day.

It's as easy as purchasing some chalkboard paint like this from your local hardware stare and putting 2-3 coats on your wall!


You have to make sure to "season" your chalkboard! Make sure to take a large piece of white chalk and rub it all over your board before you use it the first time. It seals it in a way and enables the chalk to be erased time after time. Good luck friends! I hope you love your wall!!

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