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Primary Bedroom Makeover

I feel like I say this a lot but this makeover has been a long time coming. I have been dreaming about a comfy relaxing bedroom for months, and (spoiler alert) I DID IT!!

I always tell people that a space can affect your mood. So you want to create a space that brings you joy, peace, or creativity. Whatever works for YOU. I wanted our bedroom to fee peaceful and calm. I struggle with an overactive mind and so when its time to sleep I need a space that helps me slow down and bring on the zzzz's, ya know?

First, I started with the wall.

I wanted a feature wall that wasn't too busy but would still change the space and add some class. I will include the tutorial for this design soon.

Second, I moved onto the side tables. I had a big job for these nightstands! The have to do a lot (I require a lot of work from furniture) my sweet hubby uses a CPAP to breath at night and it has be sitting on his nightstand for years! I needed to make something that would contain the unit at night and then close up and look clean and orderly during the day! This is the design I made.

Third - I grabbed this headboard from Amazon and I scoured the site to find something class and on a budget! I am a budget DIYer for sure (until I get to the bedding, I splurged a bit there). Here is the head board.

Here is a quick link, it was $160

Fourth- its the lighting. I really wanted something that hung above the nightstands for space conservation but also because the tops of the nightstands move.

I grabbed these globe glass sconces at Ikea because I absolutely love the size of them. I wasn't able to wire them to hang directly from the ceiling for multiple reasons (I wont go into it here its annoying and a long story) so I used the extra long corded bulbs and plugged them in next to the bed behind the side tables. Not ideal, but I kinda love them now.

Last but not least is the bedding!!

I searched forever to find light, airy, soft. I fond most of it at target!

Large King Euro Linen Throw -

This is the LARGE center pillow on the bed

Here is the Euro Textured Plaid Decorative throw from the McGee line -

I have two of these on both sides behind the one above

Then the comforter and sheet set.

I grabbed the grey stripped microfiber sheets and these are SO SOFT!

This comforter also from Target is so soft and so light and pretty. Its from the Magnolia line

That's it! This side of the room is finished! I have plans for the other side not shown haha and that's coming soon. Thanks for reading and hopefully this helps.

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Love the space! I’m going to recreate a version of your side tables. Thank you for sharing. What colour is your paint on the walls. It’s so nice!

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