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Sharpie Wall

I wanted to add some fun detail to my sons closet. I love the look of geometric tile so I tried to recreate that look without the tile. Grabbed some leftover black paint, a sharpie paint pen and a level and got to work.

  1. First step is painting the wall your desired color. I would recommend a satin finish.

  2. Set up a laser level in the middle of the wall to make sure you have a good straight starting point.

  3. Grab a single hexagon tile and start tracing around the tile in the middle working your way out towards the end of the wall. When I first starting tracing I realized I was doing it wrong. So here is a diagram showing you the correct way so you don't make my same mistake.

4. Let the hexagon outlines dry and then take a smaller level or ruler and draw the additional lines.

5. You are done!! Such a fast and easy project.

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