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Weekly Chore Charts

I am a huge fan of chore charts and having my kids help around the house. We all live here and we all make the mess, so we can all help clean up. BUT the problem for me is that I forget who I told to do what! Anyone else? Its so stressful trying to manage the work when I cant keep it straight myself. So I print chore and homework charts. I print a new one with new work and new chores every time we have a major change in the schedule i.e. after Christmas, start of a school year, summer time etc.

I always laminate them so we can use dry erase markers to check things off. I got a laminator like this from my sister -

And I use markers like this-

This is our newest chore chart which I like to break down by child so they can easily see what they need to do that day.

This was something I just threw together on Canva and I had a few people as for a blank generic one so there is a downloadable option at the bottom of the page.

Hope this helps!! Thanks for stopping by!


Watercolor chore list Blank
Download • 2.32MB

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