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Table Saw Workbench

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

I built this Table Saw Workbench for $75! Its a great addition to any DIY or Woodworking shop space.


By Eternal Harvest Decor

Links to materials and tools used will be on my website and my Youtube channel at

This cost me $75 - but please note that I have all the tools listed already and I had paint on hand. The cost was for materials only and I know that varies per location.

Materials list



Madgid glasses -

ISOtunes ear protection -

Cut list

  • Cut 2 2x3 pieces at 28” For the back legs.

  • Cut 2 2x3 pieces at 25.5” For the front legs.

  • Cut 2 2x3 pieces at 21.5” mid vertical pieces.

  • Cut 8 2x3 pieces at 24 1/16th for the cross pieces (that extra sixteenth of an inch will help insert the particle board pieces in the end.

  • Cut 2 2x3 pieces at 65” long for the bottom stretcher

  • Cut 2 2x3 pieces at 42” long for the top stretcher


I started by assembling the longer sides first, I used titebond glue at the ends of each stretcher and pocket holes to join.

You should add your pocket holes to all the cross pieces and stretcher pieces before assembly. Then you can assemble both sides of the cart.

Then you add the 24” cross pieces to connect the two sides.

Once you have your two sides connected you can begin measuring for the front table saw support.

Please make sure you measure your table saw and account for any fence mechanisms to know exactly where to put your supports for the table saw portion. I have the Dewalt Dw745 and these measurements work for that.

My side pieces (highlighted in pink) are low enough in this plan for my fence to expand on my table saw. Unfortunately, I learned this after building the actual cart. You live and learn I guess and now I can make sure you guys don't make my same mistakes.

Next you want to add 2 24” cross supports where the table saw will be and the 2x2 particle board will sit across those two supports.

Now at this point you will want to paint what you have thus far (if your want your cart painted). Otherwise you will need to flip the cart over and add the 1x4s to the bottom legs and attach the casters on the 1x4s.

Next flip the cart back over and attach the ikea tops with pocket holes.

Then add the 2x4 foot particle board to the bottom and the 2x2 particle board piece to the table saw support.

You can now load your table saw on and the cart is complete.

There is so much you can do with the storage underneath. One day I would love to add drawers and maybe some tool storage. I do want to leave enough rough for my dust collection hose to connect to the table saw in back though. I think I will add some baskets for the push sticks and other accessories.

Thank you so much for checking out my plans.

I dont sell these because I really like to share what I can with fellow makers for free BUT if you want to support me and make it easier for me to keep providing free plans you can donate to my paypal HERE and watch my youtube tutorials! That helps so much!!

Download PDF • 1.13MB

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